Welcome to Nitro Apparel

Nitro Apparel is revolutionizing how racers do merchandise. With many years of experience in design and apparel, Evan Beaulieu and his company Nitro Designs have formed their latest venture, Nitro Apparel. Beaulieu, a Super Late Model driver in the North East, knows that apparel is always a sticking point with racing teams and businesses. Everyone wants to see hundreds of people in their apparel, but we are not all retailers, that’s not part of a race teams’ budget.

We now have a solution to handle managing your merchandise for you. Nitro Apparel’s online store will host many drivers and teams’ merchandise and make it easier for fans to support their favorite teams. Whether you have artwork already, or need artwork for your apparel, we can manage it for you. We will print your shirts, hold your inventory and sell them online through our store. When a shirt sells, you are paid back. Reorders are easy and Nitro Apparel will notify you when your inventory is getting low.

The way it works starts by contacting the team at Nitro Apparel. We will guide you through the process and set up however many products you want to sell. If you need a design, we will design your artwork and once that is complete, we can start production of your apparel. In roughly 3-4 weeks, we will have your merchandise displayed and ready to sell through our store. You can link your social media and websites to our store as well, as each team will have their own page on Nitro Apparel’s website to sell their merchandise. Your fans will then go to Nitro-Apparel.com, order their products, and check out. We will then ship out the products directly to the customer. Once your products sell, the team will get a check for their sales, while we take a small commission for handling. The customers and fans will know that their purchase is going directly back to their favorite team!

Wyatt Alexander is one of Nitro Apparel’s first clients.

All our shirts are printed on high quality materials. We have low minimum orders, and an affordable design charge to get you started. Our model is based on making it as easy and affordable for the race team. We can customize your orders as well. Want 20 shirts for your team and 50 to be sold online? We can handle that. If your inventory does not sell out, we can lower the prices on our store, or send them back to you. We only make commissions on products we sell!

Our goal is to have many drivers across different racing disciplines have their merchandise in our store and make it easier for the fan to get apparel and support their favorite teams and their partners. We will utilize many social media platforms to promote our customers products and help them sell their merchandise. This will add an additional revenue stream to their team that is easy to manage.

Contact Nitro Apparel today to get started on your 2021 merchandise goals. Feel free to call us at 207-560-2391 or e-mail us at Evan@nitrodesigns.net. For more information about Nitro Designs, visit us at www.nitrodesigns.net.